Family Business

In 2014, the owners of Hotel Le 24, Jacqueline and José decided to buy an old building and transform it into a small boutique hotel with 7 rooms. After three years of hard work, mainly by José, the Hotel Le 24 was inaugurated in April 2017.
A few years later, in April 2020, their daughter Katrin, who had been living abroad for many years, joined the team. Having acquired some experience in the hotel industry during her professional career, Katrin now takes care of the Hotel Le 24 full time.
If you like family stories, you will appreciate knowing that the Brasserie "La Sparsa" which is located between the partner restaurant and the hotel, is run by Pierre, the son of the owners! You can find more information in the "Services" section.
The primary goal of the Maréchal family is to make you spend a unique moment in a peaceful, chic and refined setting. On request, they personalize your stay, so do not hesitate to contact them, they will be happy to assist you, in order to meet your expectations as best as they can.